Friday, February 3, 2012

assignment: yellow sneaker / orange ernie

Learning Objective:
Students will create a picture book page by replicating the example of the "yellow sneaker" with a desaturated (black and white) background.

Instructions for video tutorial can be found here:

Hi guys, 

After today you will be creating pages for a picture book that we will be giving to our school's LYFE center. Today however we are going to learn the ropes by copying the yellow sneaker example, and if you have time, the Orange Ernie page. 

Your homework for this weekend is to find 3 high quality images you'd like to be included in this picture book. Remember that you will be isolating one object in this image so make sure this item is appropriate for a child's picture book. 

subject of email: yellow sneaker / orange ernie

Good luck!

Mr Drozd

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