Monday, January 30, 2012

assignment: color change

Learning Objective:
Students will modify the color of an object or area by experimenting with hue and saturation levels to a minimum of 5 images. 

Your assignment is to change the color of an object or area in at least 5 different images.

Use the magic wand, magnetic lasso or quick selection tool to select an area first if needed. 

Press Ctrl + U to adjust the color. 

Remember to contiguous means TOUCHING. 
Uncheck "contiguous" to select all of ONE color in an image when using the magic wand. 

Submit all your work in a single email. In the body of your email, include a reflection statement on today's project. ("One things I liked was...., I wonder..., One question I still have about this is....,)

The subject of your email should be Color change by [your name]

Mr Drozd

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