Wednesday, February 1, 2012

assignment: color change (day 2)

Learning Objective:
Students will modify the color of an object or area by experimenting with hue and saturation levels to a minimum of 5 images. 

Hello Graphic Designers, 

I apologize for being absent from school today as I am home with my kids who are sick with a cold. Today I want to you practice changing the color of objects using the skills I taught yesterday. Experiment with logos and your favorite cartoon and video game characters. 

I'll see you tomorrow!

Your assignment is to change the color of an object or area in at least 5 different images.

Use the magic wand, magnetic lasso or quick selection tool to select an area first if needed. 

Press Ctrl + U to adjust the color. 

Remember to contiguous means TOUCHING. 
Uncheck "contiguous" to select all of ONE color in an image when using the magic wand. 

Submit all your work in a single email. In the body of your email, include a reflection statement on today's project. ("One things I liked was...., I wonder..., One question I still have about this is....,)

The subject of your email should be Color change by [your name]

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