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assignment: use clone stamp to eliminate unwanted objects

Sometimes don't you wish you could just erase or fix some annoying detail in a photo. Well, one way of doing this is by using the Clone Stamp tool found in graphics program photoshop.

.Original picture with dog on the grass 

Original picture with dog.

Dog is erased from picture

Dog has been replaced with grass using the Clone Stamp tool.


This is where the Clone Stamp tool is found on the sidebar of Photofiltre.

Toolbar showing clone stamp tool

The clone stamp tool can be used for:

  • Removing an object from a picture which has a consistent background.
  • Fixing blemishes or imperfections. For example, remove moles, wrinkles or freckles on a persons body or face… or correct damaged paintwork on a car etc.
  • Reproducing an object in a picture with some of the background.

Pictures with backgrounds that have a consistent pattern or texture are very easy to work with, such as those with grass, water or sky

Start with opening the picture

Start by opening the picture.

Before I did anything else I:

  • Changed the size to 800 x 600 to make it more manageable.
  • Adjusted gamma, brightness and contrast. I also took the liberty to sharpen the picture slightly as well  :-)

Selecting clone stamp tool and settings

Select clone stamp tool from the toolbar. In this example I used a Opacity of 70, unchecked the Fixed position and sample Radius of 25.

The larger the radius the bigger area you will cover, however for more detailed areas you will want to reduce the radius size.

You start by placing the stamp tool on the area you want to clone. In this example I placed the clone tool on a suitable patch of grass to the left of the dog. Next, press the Control key and then left click on the mouse to make a starting(or origin) point for the clone tool. (if you click without the control key, a pop up box will appear)

The crosshairs of the clone stamp tool

Next, use the cross-hair of the cursor to start brushing out parts of the original image. Notice how the second cross-hair mirrors the movement of the first cross-hair and the image is reproduced from under one cross-hair to other.

Removing the shadow

Having removed most of the dog, I started to remove the dogs' shadow. You may wish to reposition the clone stamp origin a few times to make the background look more authentic due to lighting effects on the original photo and to avoid cloning too many repeating patterns. It depends on what types of photo your working on, sometimes you want bit of randomness such as the grass above, other times you may want a consistent pattern such as brick work.

Dog and shadow completely removed

Dog and shadow have now been completely removed.

Now, finally to do some detailed work….

Removing the dog leash from the hand

Next I enlarged the picture to 300% and selected a Radius of 2 for detailed work to remove the remainder of the dog leash between the fingers.

Dog is erased from picture

Done. Dog gone! ;-)


  • Positioning of the starting point or origin takes some practice. You need to experiment a bit first to get this right, and often you need to change origin points a few times.
  • Checking the Fixed position box, keeps the Clone Stamp area in a fixed position. This may be useful sometimes when you want the sampled area to be fixed rather than mirroring the movement of the second cross-hair. Generally go for a larger Radius in this mode and use short clicks rather moving the cursor around.

A few more examples:

Jetski ready to go

Jetski ready to go!

Jetski has gone missing!

Ooiii! Where is my Jetski!!!???

Three men playing golf

Three men playing golf.

Two men playing golf

Only two men now. Three is a crowd. ;-)

Your assignment: use the clone tool to
1. Make the moon disappear.
2. Add 3 windows to the wall.
3. Make the dolphin disappear.
4. Make all the cows disappear. 

Send all images at the end of the period in one email 

Mr Drozd

Mr Drozd
Academy of Urban Planning

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Mr Drozd
Academy of Urban Planning

Class website:

Mr Drozd
Academy of Urban Planning

Class website:

Mr Drozd

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