Thursday, May 17, 2012


Find photos of dancers here: 

Create a poster featuring multiple AUP students that represent our Dance class to the outside community.. Include the AUP logo, layer styles, and all the creativity you can!

Things to consider:
  • color range and desaturate to isolate one color
  • blending modes
  • glowing dots
  • multiply VS screen
  • filters
  • download additional fonts
  • the tyga mixtape technique
  • comic dialogue bubbles
  • ink stencil filter

Go here for video tutorials

Create at least 5 different variations of the same poster by saving each as a JPG but make sure you maintain a PSD layer!

Email me each day your work at the end of class as a JPG! 

Mr Drozd

8th Period photos
baseball field photos
field trip 1 photos
field trip 2 photos
AUP building
Comic Photos

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