Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Assignment: sports poster instructions with criteria

Learning Objective: 
1. SWBAT determine a balanced composition for a "sports" poster by creating a poster
2. SWBAT evaluate and utilize appropriate blending mode given a photo by creating a poster

AIM: How can we design a sports poster by using the gradient tool and blending modes?

Find photos for your sports poster here:

Find examples of Sports posters here:

You will need to photos extracted from background of athlete
a. action shot of entire body
b. photo of face

in the blank image, layer the action shot on top of the face
play around with orientation

desaturate the face shot
Ctrl + U

create a new layer under the desaturated face image
adjust levels (ctrl + L)

use paint bucket fill the new layer with a color

on the desaturated face image, find an appropriate blending mode (try luminosity first)
call me over so I can confirm

add an out glow layer style to full body action shot layer

Add the aup logo under the photos (s)

a. Use the magnetic lasso with contiguous unchecked and delete out white from aup logo.

b. Reduce the size of AUP logo

c. Reduce the opacity of the logo to about 30%.

d. Add a layer style (white) of one PX to aup logo. 

Write your name in a LARGE font, 
add a layer style, stroke

Write the sport you're playing and "Athlete and Scholar" or "Musician and Scholar" in a medium font, 
for example 
             Athlete and Scholar
add a layer style, stroke

Write your initials, really small, in the corner. "Hide" them by making the color of the initials just a little bit different from the background. 

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

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